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When your car reaches 3 years old an MOT every 12 months is compulsory. An MOT test exists to make sure your car is safe to drive, which can help prevent accidents and breakdowns. Also the technician may identify small problems while conducting the MOT, allowing you to minimise your ongoing maintenance costs.
At Severn Point Automotive we can arrange MOT tests on almost all vehicles regardless of make and model and aim to have your car completed with a new MOT on the same day.
Here at Severn Point Automotive we are specialists offering you unbeatable service and value for money on all your car servicing on all cars, vans and 4x4. We offer fixed price servicing for all vehicles and all prices include parts, oil, labour and VAT.
We only use genuine or original equipment quality parts and our servicing will not affect any manufacturer’s warranty that your vehicle may have.
Anything from clutches to wheel bearings and brakes along with anything you need us for fall into our area of expertise. We have a vast supply chain and product knowledge and as always aim to get you mobile in the quickest time possible.
With our customer focussed approach no job is too small and we are here 6 days a week to help. All repairs come with full warranty of both parts and labour.
If you’re worried that your tyres are unsafe or even illegal, we highly recommend letting one of our qualified technicians give them a thorough check.
We aim to remain the best-value provider locally of tyres and aim to have you mobile and legal in as short a time as possible.
If your vehicle is with us for a routine service, MOT or diagnostic work but you require a courtesy car for the day then do not worry, we have cars available to hire for just £10.00 per day including insurance cover, all we require is your driving licence when your drop your vehicle off.
Wheel alignment, or tracking, is the way a vehicle’s wheels are set to the optimum position, as per the car manufacturer’s specifications. Incorrect wheel alignment can result in irregular tyre wear, affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. Having us check you alignment can save on tyre costs and improve the drivability of your car.
Diagnostic work can be time consuming and expensive. It is for this reason that it is best to use a specialist such as Severn Point Automotive to ensure a cost effective solution to your vehicle faults.
We cover diagnostics in all areas such as Engine Management, Fuel Injection, Airbag Systems, ABS Brakes plus general electric systems and much more.
Your aircon system runs off a gas, over time this gas gets used up or on older vehicle can leak due to splits, or corrosion in a pipe, dried out seals, failure of component parts such as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier/accumulator or the thermal expansion valve so having regular checks and servicing on the system is a must.